Connections for the future – worldwide



MAGRO consolidates the competencies of producers and contractors all across Europe. By intensive technical and logistics consultancy, we offer our customers sustainable benefits for cost reduction in the procurement sector.

Production Facilities


  • CNC turned and milled parts of the rod

  • CNC deposited parts

  • CNC lathe machined parts

  • CNC machined parts

  • Ring lathe machined parts

  • Multi-spindle parts

  • Stamp parts

  • Bent components

  • Hot-pressed parts

  • Cold-pressed parts

  • Castings and their machining

  • Sintered parts

  • In- and outside grinding

  • Assembly manufacture

  • Mounted and welded assemblies



  • C-type steels

  • Steels for quenching and tempering

  • Case-hardened steels

  • Rust and acid resistant steels

  • Machining steels

  • Aluminium

  • Bronze

  • Brass

  • PVC, PE, PP and POM

  • PA and PTFE

All possible forms of heat treatment right up to QPQ coating

All possible kinds of surface treatments as desired and on request.

All Benefits at a Glance

  • Just-in-time deliveries and even Kanban systems.

  • Substantial cost reduction by the vendor network.

  • Various production segments with only one supplier.

  • Assembly or module manufacture by an integrative network management.

  • Optimal prices by concluding master agreements and delivery of parts or components as required.

  • Shortest delivery lead times thanks to a large warehouse capacity and seamless logistics.

  • QA benefit – Testing components on behalf of the customer.