The Key to Success

QA Benefit

UOur QA Department is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and becomes an extended workbench if the customer requires this. Optical sorting machines perform 100% inspection on request. Complete documentation of the materials, processes and batch numbers ensure traceability of all parts even after years, from the incoming goods section to the QA and right up to the warehouse.
The trained and qualified employees at the MAGRO QA Department work with the help of reliable and
precise test instruments.
This includes 3-D CNC measuring system, 2.5-D video measuring system, measurements with laser for the most accurate testing, roughness and hardness measurements and much more.
MAGRO is also pleased to carry out quality assurance on behalf of the customer so that an independent
QA does not become necessary at the customer’s premises since testing the components may be dispensed with.
We shall be pleased to share more details of the facilities and options that we can offer in the course of discussions at our premises. We look forward to welcoming you at our premises in Wuppertal.